Help us save Labrador from rezoning

We have created this page – along with associated pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to ensure you – as a resident of Labrador – understands the full impact of the changes City of Gold Coast are proposing for our suburb. If you live in Chirn Park, or Biggera Waters, you may also find relevant information here.

We are not town planners or experts in anything other than how much we love our suburb, and want to keep it intact.

City has set up an information page – which frankly we find a bit confusing – but we do encourage you to have a look, book a meeting with the town planners and most of all MAKE A FORMAL SUBMISSION by April 8, 2021.

This is Round Four (not sure if you were aware of the other three rounds – we only saw one) so this is it – our last chance, and I believe even that chance is slim.

We NEED you to talk to your neighbours today, ask them if they understand the changes, and what they think. If you can talk to five people in your street, gather five submissions – we may stand a chance.

Be prepared to accept that some neighbours will be happy about these changes – they might want to sell to a developer and move to Harvey Bay, and good on them, but we don’t want to move anywhere for a very long time.

This is the last stand to keep a beautiful part of the Gold Coast intact with 100 year old cottages, (somewhat) affordable housing, mature trees, birds, and wildlife – not to mention the wonderfully eclectic mix of residents that make up our neighbourhood – who we say hello to at the shops, who we chat to on our dog walks, and wave to on the way to work.

Our lifestyle doesn’t exist in a neighbourhood of three story walk ups and high rises. Let make sure we save it.

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