Proposed Height

What does this actually mean for you?

Please have a good read of this map and understand what this means for your street. 17m could mean 3 or 4 stories – depending on the height of each floor. If your home right now is single story, and so are those around you, it’s probably zoned 9m.

At a meeting with Council Town planners they explained the following:

A Developer would need minimum 800sqm (to build with one bed per 50sqm. This means an 800 sqm block could potentially have 16 x 1 bedroom units, 8 two bedroom units or any combination they preferred. Council have said they those would be subject to approval with elements such as parking been taken into consideration, and will insist of elements such as set back from the street and greenery.

Many of our blocks are 600sqm or over, so this could mean only two adjacent blocks could easily mean a new development in your street.

We don’t really trust Council – considering other developments they have approved elsewhere on the Coast, and here in Labrador with no greenery and very few (if any) design elements. We as residents will be looking at and living with these buildings for a VERY very long time.

Like everywhere, Council town planning staff changes over time – someone who genuinely cares now, might not be there in two years time. Main Beach being a classic example. Older Main Beach high-rises have space around them, they have gardens, tennis courts, social areas and lots of design elements to ensure the suburb is as liveable as possible. This is no more, as will happen to Labrador. Developers find these enhancements expensive, and as with Brisbane City Council, the planning team mistakes it’s stakeholders to be developers – not the people who live here. Main Beach is evidence of how approval standards can change over time.

Essentially – Do you want a four story building – or much more – next door to you?

If the answer is no, fill in a submission today and send to Council. Plus, at the next Council and State election, remember this moment – who did what, and vote accordingly.

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