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Hello, I am writing to you as a concerned resident of Labrador in regard to building heights, zoning and residential density.

Lack of appropriate community engagement:

The council did not use an appropriate level of community engagement while making proposed changes to the city plan. According to the site guidelines, these proposed amendments should have seen council conducting an ‘involve’ (work directly with the public throughout the process) or ‘collaborate’ (partner with the public in each aspect of the decision) engagement process. Council has not made all residents of Labrador aware of the amendments, let alone ‘involve’ or ‘collaborate’ with us.

Suitability of Labrador as a targeted growth area:

The SEQ regional plan mentions specific suburbs identified for growth between 2016 and 2041 – Labrador is not mentioned in this state plan and doesn’t meet state requirements as a targeted area; (lack of light or heavy rail, lack of employment and services). There is no evidence as to why Labrador has been chosen.

  • The proposed building heights impose the loss of character to the neighbourhood.
  • Increased traffic and parking will become an issue.
  • Buildings will decrease privacy and block sunlight, as well as views.
  • There is not enough transport, nor community amenities to support a high density population.

In addition to the above mentioned:

  • Throughout the recent rains, sewerage overflowed into Loader’s Creek – this issue needs to be addressed.
  • City plan 8.2.6 environmental significance overlay code.
    This code applies to assessing all material change of use, reconfiguration of a lot and operational works
    Environmental significance -wetlands & Waterways – wetlands waterways and their associates buffers are protected and enhanced.
    As prescribed in RO2 – development does not occur within (a) 100m from the outer landward boundary of a state significant wetland. As defined in the overlay map 9, Loders Creek from Huth street to Smith Street is a waterway classified as a State significant wetland. Therefore, to change the existing purpose of any lots (refining building heights) within 100m of the boundary is a breach of this code.
  • Will this plan meet the needs and aspirations of the people re no single dwellings in Labrador and Chirn Park?
  • Consideration and justification of the following:
    • How will it comply  with health and hygiene standards  ie  March 2021 rains resulting in days of sewage overflowing into Loders Creek’s antiquated  storm water and sewerage system – particularly during regular constant rain. Hard surfaces increase from 40%  up to 80% will increase imperviousness  ground-surfaces, how will Council manage the excess water and subsequent flash flooding??
    • Backyard easements – how will this be dealt with ?

Thank you for reading through this and I look forward to seeing your actions regarding these issues.

2 thoughts on “Template for your submission to: Have Your Say submission portal.”

  1. I have sent my submission via the city council’s website today. Also, I am currently drawing up a draft letter for residents without computers or the capacity to make a submission independently

    1. Kim you are amazing.The Have Your Say portal lets you submit on behalf on someone. We’ve met a few elderly people on the street and they have been completely left out of this process by Council. If anyone has elderly neighbours – most of us probably – help them get a submission in!

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