Last day for formal submissions – April 8!

To help anyone who doesn’t have computer access (so please tell your older neighbours) or if you are just struggling in general – we will be at the wonderful B52F Bakery, Brooke Street, from 7am – 2pm, Thursday, April 8 with our laptop to help you get your submission in. We also might just shout you a coffee too! See you there!

 “God provides the wind, but man must raise the sails.” 

St. Augustine

One thought on “Last day for formal submissions – April 8!”

  1. Hi folks , I would really like to get involved in this , we need the people who actually Live in Labrador or Burliegh Heads ( all communities) making the decisions about what and what does not take place in ‘our’ / ‘their communities……we need some community halls that can be linked up by video so ‘everyone’ is onboard against these Leaches in so called ‘governance’ and a place where ‘we’ can discuss and put on trial GOOD ideas that ‘think’ ahead for the benefit of our young/er peoples ….simple things work and referendums using ‘our’ schools , is ‘easy to set up , but ‘they’ don’t want that , its called ‘democracy’ hence why they ‘don’t build Community halls in any newish subdivision….of course if we ‘hang ‘ the pedophiles’ in our society then our kids will be safe and they can walk ,ride a bike or bus to and from school, we should also have ‘martial arts’ classes at ‘school’ to teach our vulernable kids how to protect themselves for these pieces of scum on the Earth,…. our roads won’t be clogged and ‘broken’ , and we won’t have traffic congestion ….
    That aside ‘we’ really need to take ‘back’ our communities and put ‘all’ Councillors/ Governments and its/their employees on ’employment contracts’ that ‘we’ collectively as ‘communities ‘ write up the rules of employment for ‘them’ to work for US by , ( I could do that ) Lets make a better future for all our younger people and eliminate the greedy whom seem to work in and for Councils and Governments whose only aim is to extort yet more money from society or cause ‘disruption’
    There are lots of issues that really need addressing TODAY not ten years down the track as these pie in the sky Tom Tates and his mates peddle to the News Media ….the REAL issues are there is no future for literally hundreds of thousands of Young people , instead these Leaches in Governance put most of them in DEBT even before they get a job …the REAL issues are Family Violence which make NO mistake OUR Governments are directly responsible for , they KNOW when you put people under ‘stress’ Violence goes up , just like your rates ? We need some venues where OUR kids can go on a Friday and Saturday night and be KIDS and have things like barn dances and a drag strip for the older ones…instead we have a Council and a Government that ‘allows’ the Firms that THEY the Council get most money from , to bulldoze and clear bush for these house upon house new developments , and wow in an area of 1000 houses on skinny roads Council/Government makes one par with a gazebo and a swing …no tennis courts , no cricket pitch , no swimming pools or a basket ball courts or meeting places so the community is knitted , or united……couldn’t have that could we
    How about we al get involved , I have neighbours that I am sure would get involved IF we had a Community halls in every community
    I believe EVERYONE even I at 69 years old , should work 4 days a week and receive say $800 in their hands ,( people I know say ‘ we would go to work for that) of course our overpaid Councillors and Governors think they are above that/my friends and I also believe and know that if EVERYONE paid a nice LOW transaction Tax of say 10c in the dollar , the revenue is far greater than the port of a system we have now……jus imagine ALL the money in every community , back to the seventies aye ?
    No GST and NO Aye or Company Tax which ‘would’ open UP Small businesses and create REAL Jobs for people , but they don’t want that , people are interacting and socialising . Lets take the GOOD out of other Countries and implement them here.
    We NEED Communities coming TOGETHER …..I will finish here for now , but I really would like ‘people’ to get together and band ideas on OUR FUTURES not the DICTATORS and ‘control freaks we have now

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