Who else is on our side

We have lots of angry people in Labrador, Chirn Park and Southport right now, and at the top of this page I have included all the links to various sites – all with great information, along with the Council sites you need to know about, and a State Government ePetition started by Labrador4215 you need to sign. These people are doing some incredible work.  Make sure you sign on, sign up, and show your support

One thought on “Who else is on our side”

  1. This proposal will destroy the charm and character of Labrador, we do not have the infrastructure here to accommodate such changes, council has not made all residents in Labrador aware of these proposed amendments let alone involved them or collaborated with them. Labrador is not mentioned in the SEQ Regional plan. This proposal is wrong and must be stopped as it will cause untold problems with parking and traffic congestion and the ensuing anger to its residents.

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