Get your submission in now! Like right now.

We need to get your submissions in right now. If Council doesn’t see submissions, they’ll think we don’t care. Do your submission, get your household to do submissions, and your neighbours, and your friends. And yes, you can do a submission on behalf of someone. Much of Labrador is older folk who don’t even own a computer – they care about this too – so please help them get a submission in.

The amazing Labrador4215 site (link here) has created a step by step guide. April 8 is two days away! Don’t wish you’d done this, do this tonight. BTW this photo is Minnie Street – and our Council approved this!! What will they approve next to you!!!!! Not cool at all.

Our submission link is at the top of the page, along with an email to send to Councillors – do everything you can to let council know this is not on!

4 thoughts on “Get your submission in now! Like right now.”

  1. My Uncle lives in this area in a tiny cul-de-sac down a narrow street. Council allowed a Korean builder to construct 4 x villas with a total of 18 bedrooms at the entry of the cul-de-sac. Aside from sub-standard building practices there is no parking, access to my Uncles home often compromised by cars blocking cul-de-sac. What happens when emergency services can’t access his premises??? Stop this greedy, unthinking smash and grab mentality and start thinking about out community.

    1. Hi Julia, that would be builders from any country! Please make sure you get your submission in to council through the Have Your Say portal at the top of our page. Dx

  2. my family purchased a home here in 2020 so that my sibling and I can can safely access school and university. My single parent has provided us a home whose privacy will be destroyed if a high rise erects in our street. It will also shadow our solar panels which will revert to high power bills again with no consultation this will negatively impact our family and economy.

  3. I do not approve of the new zoning. Nobody has contacted me about it – how will it effect my home of 40 years?. We have zero parking now – the area is congested – BEFORE any changes in the zoning we need to fix the parking/traffic/access. What are the plans from council to make sure the infrastructure will meet the needs of what they propose????.

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